Like all pieces of routine maintenance, regularly caring for your tires is an essential part of keeping your INFINITI performing up to its potential. How do you take care of your tires in Guelph? With routine tire rotations from the Service Centre here at Guelph INIFINITI.

Why are tire rotations so important? Over time, the tread on your tires wears down. But if one tire’s tread starts wearing down more, it adds stress to the other three. And that makes their tread wear down faster. Tire rotations help to even out tread wear, and helps all four of your tires last longer.

What can happen if your tread wears down too much? Simply, your tires can’t perform as well or safely. If your tires go bald, you’ll notice your traction suffers, which can lead to unsafe driving, especially in inclement weather. Worn down and damaged tires also negatively impact your fuel efficiency, because your engine has to work harder to move them.

So keep your tires healthy and your INFINITI moving with routine tire rotations. If you’re wondering if you’re overdue for a tire rotation, consult our online maintenance schedule. Schedule your appointment today with the Guelph INFINITI Service Centre!