Performance grade is on its way to Guelph. In May, INFINITI announced the new “Project Black S” that explores the future of INFINITI performance grade vehicles. And this project just got a boost.

Pirelli, the official Formula One tire supplier, has announced its collaboration with INFINITI in developing “Project Black S” at the Canadian GP. Pirelli will contribute the design and construction of bespoke tires. These tires will be developed exclusively as part of “Project Black S”.

“Project Black S” seeks to combine the Formula One inspired performance powertrain with the dynamics of an INFINITI Q60, creating a driving experience unlike any other on the roads in Waterloo, Hamilton, Oakville, and Mississauga. This is a project we here at Guelph INFINITI are very excited for, and we hope you are too!

While this project is still in development, there are plenty of opportunities for a luxurious drive in our current selection of INFINITI models. Come in for a test drive today!