Infiniti is set to introduce two new trim levels this winter to the 2019 Q50 and 2019 Q60 models, known as I-Line, which stands for the “Inspired-Line”.  The I-Line Editions will only be available in Canada, and are based on the Red Sport versions of the Q50 and Q60. 

“We are delighted to showcase the I-Line Editions which have been created with a vision to be further developed into an Infiniti Canada sub-brand,” says Adam Paterson, Managing Director of Infiniti Canada. “We are building on the Q50 and Q60’s award-winning engine and engineering excellence, to add even more eminent style.”





The following features will be offered on both new I-Line Q50 and Q60 Editions:

  • A Signature Blacked-Out Infiniti Grille.
  • I-Line Unique Dark-Finished Wheels, which are available in 19-Inches on the Q50, and in 20-Inches on the Q60.
  • An exclusive Black Rear Spoiler, made from lightweight carbon fibre.
  • Unique I-LINE Badging.

The new 2019 I-Line Editions of the Q50 and the Q60 are set to arrive this winter.  However, if you can’t wait, we invite you take a look at our website for other Q50 and Q60 models.  If you have any questions, please come visit us, or feel free to call us at Guelph Infiniti today:

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