Infiniti’s exciting new Q60 Project Black S prototype has now had “track-focused” testing completed, on its new Dual-Hybrid Powertrain – by the Infiniti and Renault F1 Team!  With testing now complete, Infiniti can further explore whether the Q60 Project Black S prototype can be deployed into a high-performance road car! 


Derived from Formula One, and engineered specifically for the road, the Q60 Project Black S holds a Dual-Hybrid Powertrain – capable of producing up to 418 kW (568 ps, 563 hp) – that’s 40% more than the prototype’s donor car – the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400! It also provides sustained and sustainable hybrid performance, while delivering electrically assisted acceleration! 

The Q60 Project Black S also provides drivers with three Formula One-inspired drive modes – Road, Quali, and Race – each drive mode alternates the way in which the powertrain harvests and discharges power.


Working with the Renault F1 Team has also provided Infiniti with insight into how to work hand-in-hand with partners on developing new projects and technologies. Infiniti’s Mike Colleran comments: “Working with Renault F1 Team has opened our eyes to new ways of working. Outside of the traditional process in which we engineer cars and technologies, this collaboration has shown us what can be achieved with a small, dedicated team. We will learn from this to enhance the way we create other cars in future.” 

Infiniti will continue to test and validate further elements of the Q60 Project Black S prototype, and will make a decision on the production potential for this vehicle, along with its technologies, by the end of 2019!


Infiniti’s Mike Colleran added: “There is still work to be done. Now that we have two completed prototypes, we will fully evaluate the production potential of Project Black S. It is still too early to predict the outcome as we need a solid business case, but the latest rounds of testing have proved its unique performance and underlines our pursuit of electrified performance. This is an exciting phase of the process. We will consider every element of the development prototypes to establish the feasibility of volume or limited production in future.”

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