Embracing new technology to propel their vehicles into the future, Infiniti is getting ready to offer drivers a choice between two electrified powertrains – one is a Fully-Electric System, while the other is a Gas-Generated EV System.  The Gas-Generated EV System will use a gasoline engine to generate electrical power stored in a battery pack, which can then be delivered to all four wheels, through a pair of high-output electric motors.


Above:  Infiniti Q & Qs Inspiration Concepts – Forward Technology & Daring Design

Two Powertrains, One Platform

New platforms will be created under Infiniti’s new “two powertrains, one platform” approach, to model the development of these new powertrain options, which will accommodate both the Fully-Electric and Gas-Generated EV Powertrains.  The platforms will also be engineered to accommodate a pair of High-Output Electric Motors – one on the front axle, and one on the rear axle.  The space that is in-between the two axles, will house a high-capacity battery pack in the electric vehicles, while a significantly smaller battery pack – accompanied by a fuel tank and exhaust system connected to a VC-Turbo Gasoline Generator – will be housed in the Gas-Generated EV Models – to power the battery pack. For all models, drive will be provided solely by electric motors.


Above:  Infiniti Q & Qs Inspiration Concepts – Forward Technology & Daring Design

Powerful Design

Infiniti design is also set to adopt a new interior style, thanks to the era of electrification!   Engineers now have more freedom than ever to configure the cabin layout, as they no longer need to accommodate the space needed for an internal combustion engine, into vehicle models!  So what does this mean exactly?  Well, you can expect to see more spacious, lounge-like cabins on all future Infiniti models!  


Above:  Infiniti Qs Inspiration Concept – Forward Technology & Daring Interior Design

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