The INFINITI Qs Inspiration has just made its national debut at the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto!  Offering a new perspective on just what a sports sedan should be, the INFINITI Qs Inspiration is the fourth INFINITI concept vehicle to appear consecutively at CIAS.  Keep reading to learn more! 


Above:  The INFINITI Qs Inspiration revealed at the 2020 CIAS.

The INFINITI Qs Inspiration offers drivers electrified all-wheel drive power in combination with an elevated driving position!  In addition, the INFINITI Qs Inspiration also introduces a new body style, which differs dramatically from the typical sedan layout, as the INFINITI Qs Inspiration no longer needs to accommodate an internal combustion engine, which means its physical proportions have been transformed.


Above:  The INFINITI Qs Inspiration revealed at the 2020 CIAS.

The Qs Inspiration Concept precedes a new-generation electrified production model from INFINITI, one of a series of advanced-powertrain road cars to be launched in the years ahead,” said Adam Paterson, Managing Director, INFINITI Canada. “Electrification presents an opportunity to reinvent the INFINITI brand globally through high-performance, low-emission models which offer a thrilling drive experience and total range confidence.”


Above:  The INFINITI Qs Inspiration revealed at the 2020 CIAS.

On the Inside, the INFINITI Qs Inspiration offers a minimalist cabin, combined with premium craftsmanship, while featuring two distinct zones: a clutter-free cockpit, which is designed to engage the driver, and a relaxed passenger zone, which makes the most of the spacious interior.


Above:  The INFINITI Qs Inspiration revealed at the 2020 CIAS.

Within the next five years, INFINITI will offer five new models, including three electrified vehicles! The QX55 is the next INFINITI vehicle to launch, and is an SUV coupe – inspired by the first-generation FX performance crossover, and it will be available at the end of 2020.

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